Cheema Trust Public School

Cheema Trust Public School

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  • mirza Aryan A;li Nov 05, 2012 

    when school will be open

  • syed Arshad Hussain Shirazi of Sang Khurd Jul 19, 2015 

    well done Cheema family, we are all specially peoples of the Sang khurd and Sang kalan proud of you, may Allah live long your all family living in Pakistan and abroad….!!


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Project Description:

The Cheema Trust Public School (CTPS), will be the 4th KEF project. The school is under construction in Sang Khurd, a village near Chakwall. Funding is being generously provided by the Cheema family trust – estimated costs of this project are around £300,000. The image of the building shown here, is an artist’s impression but work on the school site is already in full swing. The boundary wall has been completed and utilities are being laid.

Once complete, the school will provide education for 450 underprivileged children. Like the other KEF run schools, CTSP will also be equipped with state of the art facilities and staffed by competent teachers trained in KEF’s own Institute of Teacher Education at Basali. The opening ceremony is expected to take place during 2012. The school will provide education for 450 underprivileged children