A Student’s Perspective: Piswak

The following essay was written by Pizwak, a little girl in Class 9 of Pearl Valley Public School.

My Experience in Pearl Valley Public School

As I enter the gates of my school, and as I look around, I think about my past, recall my previous days and the pleasant memories float through my mind when for the first time I had entered these gates. The very thought of my first day at school comes back to my mind.

Taking a look at the huge building of Pearl Valley Public School, I always think that who would have imagined of a beautiful building standing in the midst of a heavenly valley, surrounded by trees and mountains, and beautiful flowers, which could be seen as far as the sight stretches. But someone did imagine it. Pearl Valley Public School was established on August 14th, 1996 by General Rahim Khan, who is the Chairperson of Kashmir Education Foundation. The sole reason was to provide quality education to the children of the valley, so that they could become something and compete with the rest of the world.

The memories of my first day at school are still locked up in a special corner of my brain. That day was not less than a nightmare. I remember I had clutched my mom’s clothes and wouldn’t let go because I thought that school is one of the worst things on the face of the earth, but now I feel that what a nincompoop I was to have thought such horrible things about my school, which really is a heaven on earth. Anyways, my teacher somehow managed to unglue me from my mom and took me to my class. The classroom and all the unfamiliar faces sounded very scary to me. I wanted to cry hard, but very soon, I found out that there was something different about this school. It was not like the other schools, where students were treated badly and beaten with canes. The first few days, I was very shy, nervous and full of angst, but the loving and caring behaviour of my teachers, soon made me forgot all my fears. My urge to cry vanished and I really thought I never wanted to go home. Talking to others, making friends and learning new things, was really great fun. I often think all what this school has given me, no other school would have been able to provide me.

My very first experiences at school, and the inspirations of my teachers made me redefine my character. They groomed my thoughts, shaped my persona and gave me the confidence to shape the rest of the world.

One of the most pleasant memories treasured in my mind is when I was selected to host our annual day. I felt like flying in the air. The praising words of the Chief Guest still echo in my mind, and have played a big role in my building my portrayal.

This school has given me the glance of all the world. Sitting in my classroom, without moving a step, I feel like I have travelled around the world.

Pearly Valley Public School holds every possible facility, which one can dream of. This school is beyond imagination. Other than the general facilities, it is also facilitated with modern computers, TV Room, Mathematics Resource Room, a library and above all, the school has a very healthy environment. As it is said:

“A healthy environment is necessary for a sound mind and sound body.”

Same is the case here. Away from the pollution, due to a calm and quiet place, the environment refreshes us.

The school, from the first year, has constantly been going through changes from the building to the activities. Instead of a single building now stand three beautiful buildings. Recently the school has started participating in extra-curricular activities, which include inside and outside activities.

Last year, on October 8th, a terrible earthquake hit this area, and destroyed a number of cities in a single stroke. This trauma effected our academics a lot. Although we were really disturbed due to the earthquake but we know that life has to go on. So the pearls of the Pearly Valley go up with a new spirit, and soon we got back to our normal routine as if nothing had happened, because we believe that:

“April showers bring May flowers”

As I sit here, thinking about the past, I realize that how fast time has kept its pace. From all these years, every moment is special for me. As far as this school is concerned, I would just like to say that if you consider me as a plant, than my school acted as its roots and stem. It provided me with every possible feedback, nutrition of knowledge and helped me to anchor myself firmly into the soil in such a way that the howling winds of difficulties would never be able to carry me away.

Class 9