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At Quest for Education we are working very hard to raise funds for organisations around the world that provide first class education to children who would otherwise not be educated, and be afforded the opportunities that education provides.

Imagine having very high ability and great aptitude to be able to succeed in almost anything that you put your mind to, but then never being provided with the opportunity to build on this ability. This is the frustrating situation that many millions of children in the developing world find themselves in.

You can read about our vision for educating children and our work in other parts of this website.

With this blog we will keep our readers informed of what we are up to and to provide details of any significant events and achievements by Quest for Education and its partner organisations.

We hope that you enjoy reading our blog and come back regularly to keep abreast of how Quest for Education is working hard to bring education to those would benefit from it most in the developing world.

The Quest for Education team

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